Liniment with highly effective herbal extracts increases the loosening-up and warm-up effect and help assist blood flow.



  • Promotes blood flow to the skin
  • Helps to protect against muscle pain, cramps and stiffness
  • Warms-up and loosens-up the muscles before sport/activity



To warm up the body before sport/activity. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and mucous membranes


Sixtus FIT Start Oil warms "cold" muscle groups through the deep invigorating alpine herbs and skin activation oils, while helping to prevent injury of susceptible muscles and tendons. This special oil promotes full elasticity and efficiency of your muscles without warm-up before competition or extreme physical exercise. It is proven to help prevent the recreational athlete against fast exhaustion, muscle pain, cramps, stiffness and problems linked with cold weather conditions. Likewise, it minimizes neck and back muscle pain at work or while driving.


Massage the Sixtus FIT Start Oil well into the muscle before training or at least half an hour before competition and keep the muscle warm with a warm-up suit. This oil application helps to prevent serious muscle and joint injuries by increasing blood flow to those specific areas.

We recommend Sixtus FIT Wash Tonic to clean off the Start Oil, then take a warm shower using the Sixtus FIT Shower Gel for fast recovery and refreshing effect. An additional massage with Sixtus FIT Relax Oil after showering promotes blood flow to the skin and helps to protect against muscle stiffness. After the massage increase the refreshing and relaxing effect of the Relax Oil with Sixtus FIT Refreshing Fluid.

Start Oil - 200ml