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Washing Guide

Washing Guide

The washing instructions can be found on the inside of the collar, or are on the label sewn inside each item. They can also be found as part of the product features on this website. Please follow these instructions meticulously together with the below useful information to keep your apparel in like-new condition for a long time to come

General Care and Maintenance

  • Before washing the product, close the front zip completely, as well as pockets and openings, and turn inside out when possible.

  • Wash dark, light and bright colors separately.

  • If possible, wash your sports products separately from other kind of clothes.

  • Follow the recommended washing instructions on the label when machine washing, at the temperature recommended on the inner label, on a normal cycle, avoiding a hot wash that could damage the fabric.

  • Never use washing powder, or products containing softeners or bleach because these products under any circumstances compromise the softness of the fabric.

  • Line dry your clothes. Do not dry clean. Do now tumble dry.

  • Never iron the products, nor leave prints or labels near heat sources. 

Instructions and Care of Merino Wool and Mixed Products

For all products in merino wool or mixed wool use normal detergents. You don’t need to use detergents specific for wool. The structure of Merino wool and Merino – polyester blended fabrics are different from those of normal wool. The detergents commonly marketed are designed specifically for classical woollen clothes and often contain softeners that can damage the fibres causing a deterioration of the fabric.

The fabrics in merino wool and mixed wool have some excellent elastic properties. For this reason we suggest that during drying, never hang products made in these tissues, since the weight of the water would stretch them thus causing the product to lose its characteristics and its original size. We suggest to lay the product in a horizontal position to dry.

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